• Data Mining Knowledge is power. ERI's advanced analytics expertise puts that power in your hands.
  • Text Mining ERI aids its clients in extracting value from unstructured text using state-of-the-art statistical text mining algorithms.
  • Software Engineering ERI's award-winning software engineering team effectively and efficiently deploys custom analysis and visualization applications.
  • Training Each year, members of ERI teach at over two dozen talks, conferences, and customized courses at universities and corporations around the globe.

Who we are

Elder Research Inc. (ERI) is the US’s leading consulting company in data mining, predictive analytics, and text mining. Founded in 1995, ERI has helped government agencies and Fortune Global 500® companies solve real-world problems by amplifying the productivity of their analysts. Drawing from experience in multiple industries, ERI brings cutting-edge technology into front-line practice to achieve high return on investment. Headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, ERI also has growing offices in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.


Practical Text Mining

This NEW comprehensive resource provides complete coverage of statistical and analytical concepts, techniques, and applications for text mining. Click here for a free download of Chapter 2!


Data Mining

ERI specializes in data and text mining, using cutting-edge, adaptable algorithms to provide efficient software solutions for corporate and government use.

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3-D Kernel Density

We specialize in unlocking the potential of vast stores of information to provide actionable, comprehensible results. ERI specializes in:


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ERI's personnel have published multiple full-length books on data mining and analysis. Last January, our own John Elder and Andrew Fast joined forces with with four other experts to co-author Practical Text Mining and Statistical Analysis for Non-Structured Text Data Applications, a 1000-page, comprehensive reference guide to text collection and analysis. The book covers everything from basic text mining principles to advanced topics, using applications-based case studies and an included software DVD to leverage readers toward successes at their own ends.

In January of 2012 John Elder co-authored the Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications, a comprehensive professional reference book that guides business analysts, scientists, engineers and researchers (both academic and industrial) through all stages of data analysis, model building and implementation. The Handbook helps one discern the technical and business problem, understand the strengths and weaknesses of modern data mining algorithms, and employ the right statistical methods for practical application.

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Data Mining Reports and Papers

Our staff has published many journal articles, written dissertations, presented at dozens of conferences, delivered training seminars to businesses and universities, and even spoken about data mining at the occasional middle school career day. As part of our ongoing initiative to train both students and corporations on advanced analytics, we have made several of these documents available on our website. To see a full listing of available documents, click the link below.

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Download this Company Brochure for more information about Elder Research, including our analytics consulting services, company overview, and data products.












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John Elder presents the top data mining mistakes to avoid. Several other videos like this are available on this site.

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